Welcome to Jennifir’s page!

I’m so excited you’ve come to visit.  Jennifir with an “I” is a place for me to share with whoever may be interested in my adventures, my happiness, my hard times.  My quiet times.  A place for me to be encouraged to write fiction and share all the fun and neat places I am getting to see and visit in my new state of Massachusetts and beyond!

I am just an ordinary woman who is a single mom and florist with a passion for designing beautiful flower arrangements rediscovering her heart and who she is.  This is my journey.  My path.  It is me exposed.  If no one ever reads what I write, it is a place for me to let go of any aches, pains, or gripes.

So, welcome!  Join me! Share your blogs with me!


Ready for ComicCon 2014

Ready for ComicCon 2014

wee rose and mommy